Monday, 7 July 2014

Don't beat around the bush

Focus on the message. Be clear when making a point.

A couple of years ago, we were lucky enough to go on a cruise around the Mediterranean. We saw some wonderful sights. It is a trip I will remember for a very long time.

As you might imagine on a trip like this, 

we all took a lot of photographs.

 In fact Zac, my eldest son, took a real interest and was never far from the camera. 

After each trip we would review the snaps and discuss what we had seen. Inevitably, I also took a few of him photographing the surroundings. Most of these pictures were fairly ordinary, but some of them have come out really well, they tell the whole story in one happy image. 

This is Zac, with the camera, in St Marco square, Venice

This picture tells the whole story, the crowds, Zac with the camera, the sunny weather. It’s all there.  

Zac again, same activity, this time in Split

This photograph tells exactly the same story crowds, Zac with camera, sunshine, but I prefer this photo.

When I thought about the difference between the pictures, I realised that I prefer this snap because the message is much clearer. Both pictures have the same subject, in virtually the same setting, but the second image tells the story so much more clearly.

This is how it should be with other forms of communication.

Be clear and focus on the message.

When writing, just as with conversation and photography, any point should be concise.

Just In case my photographic examples don’t make it clear, I have over-emphasised this by saying the same thing in a rather more long-winded way, below.

If one is implementing the act of manuscription it is of paramount importance that any drafted passages remain breviloquent and undarkened by belabouring or coercive vocabulary. In precisely the manner adopted when engaged in the execution of conversation, candour should be held uppermost.

See what I mean?

Remember, direct does not need to be offensive or abrupt, simply precise.

Speak to people in a way that best tells your story.

Dark Scribbler

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