Sunday, 19 September 2010

Poem: Why the Pope has to admit Catholic church failings

Find your own way

When I was the youngest person I remember being
There was a building I was taken, with a vaulted ceiling.

While my mother stood up front and belted out God's name
I sat on pews and wondered if religion was to blame

for things like war, that's easy, sure, just look at Palestine
but was it God's fault when the big kid pushed me out of line?

Was it God that made me shout or joke with all around
am I a pawn in gods weird game, that seemed a bit profound

As I grew up and thought some more, my childhood error struck me
it wasn't God's fault, it's because the whole worlds out to fuck me!

But then if God had made the world, then he was still to blame
so I gave up on religion and just tried to play the game

Something in me lingered on the thought of my existence
so I tried a range of inputs,though with minimal persistence

Music seemed to speak to me, but I just couldn't play it
So I settled on my own way, I would simply say it

the arguments that I would make would have one sole reliance
theories were always tested, people called this science

This approach was more complete than any I had tried
and didn't mean I needed faith in something I'd denied

when as a man I searched about for company in life
I needed more than science now to help me find my wife

the thing that really settled me was not another change
but an addition to my position from which I could not be estranged

The thing I added to myself was, strangely, a belief
the strength of my own nature, this idea of me had teeth

Now I could see a better way that I could be defined
and finally I'm happy to leave other ways behind

I am the sum of many cells, with atomic bonds
I'll live, I'll breed, die and decay, but action might live on

So, logically if by these rules I can be judged myself
then opinion re others need not be made in stealth

Lets think a while at how the church will speak on it's position
They'll say that they are right, no doubt, in spite of contradiction

So is it not fair that we judge the arguments they make
by looking closely at the public actions they relate

currently the catholic church, as headed by the pope
is struggling to spin the angle on the latest dope

so many men within it's ranks have fiddled with a child
but Benedict won't let the law discover those defiled

Now I want to make it clear , I'm not trying to affront
each person is within their rights believe in what they want

As I write the final words to end my little song
the only point left is to say The Catholic Pope is WRONG!

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